Совместный пресс-релиз технологического альянса LoRa Alliance и компании OrionM2M о решениях для Industrial IoT!

OrionM2M входит в промышленный сегмент IoT с внедрением своего радиомодема ORIONMETER RTU с поддержкой протокола связи Modbus, предназначенного для сбора промышленных данных на новый уровень!



OrionM2M enters Industrial IoT segment and sensing market with introduction of Modbus communication protocol support on its ORIONMETER RTU radio-module using LoRaWAN® designed to bring sensing and industrial data collection to a new level.

“By integrating world’s de facto industrial serial standard into our most successful LoRaWAN® product - ORIONMETER RTU - we want to give our clients and partners a truly unique instrument to streamline IoT deployment and foster the transition from traditional means of data delivery.” explained R&D Director Alexander Karsakbayev

With LoRaWAN technology onboard, compact design, high durability and long-lasting autonomy ORIONMETER RTU is a perfect solution for applications where distance and reliable data delivery in off-grid conditions are crucial to uninterrupted operations in the field.

ORIONMETER RTU radio-module with LoRaWAN uses an RS485 interface and coupled with supported industrial sensors or smart devices can deliver exceptional results in outdoor indoor deployments for specific use-cases at smart factories, smart mines, remote processes monitoring, sensing of various parameters in various environments as well as unsupervised conditions.

“With gradual transition towards Industrial IoT as one of our core segments we are striving to bring most valuable solutions to our clients based on accumulated technology and market expertise. We are constantly improving our processes and introducing insights-based innovations to bring the best in class products.” added Denis Fedorov, CEO of the company.

OrionM2M builds its solutions in accordance with LoRa Alliance® standards and specifications with interoperability in mind. Our hardware products from LoRaWAN gateways to end-devices including ORIONMETER MODBUS-RTU are based on and designed around the series of Semtech Corporation products with integration of their technologies into our solutions for mission critical applications.



Anna Danilkina

Marketing Coordinator




“Orion System” LLC with “OrionM2M” trademark is a fully integrated developer and manufacturer of End2End IoT solutions based on LoRaWAN technology. We design all our products in-house based on LoRa Alliance® specifications. All software and hardware equipment is fully compliant with any LoRaWAN® network.


LoRa Alliance® and LoRaWAN® are registered trademarks, used with permission.


Источник: https://lora-alliance.org/sites/default/files/2019-10/ORIONM2M-SENSING-MODBUS%202019-10-31_to_LoRaAlliance_FINAL.pdf