OrionM2M выделяет ключевые вехи в 2019!

Компания OrionM2M выделила вехи, которые стали в 2019 году ключевыми!

Полный пресс-релиз:

OrionM2M marks key milestones in 2019.

ALMATY, Kazakhstan -- OrionM2M marked two strategic milestones in 2019 integral to its market growth strategy. It has successfully delivered its 1000th ORIONGATEWAY to carrier partners for countrywide deployment projects in one of the Central Asian countries.

Furthermore, OrionM2M has launched its operations in the Industrial IoT market with the introduction of the ORIONMETER RTU Modbus radio-module.

Commitment to our partnerships is the main focus of our long-term strategy. We are here to support telco carriers in their journey to build connected future, connected smart cities and as a result a better CO2 neutral ecosystem.

“We are here to bring the best of IoT and therefore we focus on the “simplicity-capability” mix in our R&D and service development to ensure that our clients stay on top of their operations,” said Denis Fedorov, CEO.

“In 2020 we will be delivering better connectivity management with enhanced dedicated network server OrionNS Hunter also available on cloud platforms” added Rinat Sultanov, Head of Software and IT division.

“Current assessment of the markets and how global IoT footprint is changing - 2019 is a very successful year for us, we achieved our key strategic goals and excelled in product development. In 2020 OrionM2M will be in a perfect position for establishing a global footprint, as timing and market readiness is in optimal conditions for our new products.” said Andrey Zyranov, CCO.

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