Radiomodem ORIONmeter ORN-TWM-LW868 for water meter Apator Powogaz Smart C +R160

Remote accounting and control of cold and hot water consumption in apartments, individual houses, as well as in other residential and non-residential premises with commercial accounting of utility costs;

Radiomodem ORIONmeter ORN-TWM-LW868 which is installed on the water meters Apator Powogaz C +R160  transfers readings through the LoRaWAN network several times a day.


  • Lifetime without battery replacement from 7 years
  • Remote readings
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Protection from tampering and intervention
  • Replaceable battery
Parameters Value
Hoising material Polycorbonate
Maximum water consumption, м3 /h 3
Work temperature, °С +5…+85
Battery voltage, V 3,6
nominal battery capacity, мА/h 2400
Battery chemistry Li-SOCl2
Lifetime without battery replacement, years ≥7
Autopsy report Yes
Madnetic notification Yes
Determining the direction of water flow Yes
Mass (without meter), g ≤40
Overall demensions, mm 63 х 31,5
Hourly archieve, s 62
Monthly archieve, m 12
Yearly archieve, year 3
Operating frequency, mHz 865-868(KZ) 863-870(RU) 863-870(EU)
Transmitter power (EIRP), mW до 25
Receiver sensetivity -137dBm
Data transfer rate, kbps 0,3…40
Communication range in city building conditions, km up to 5
Communication range in visibility conditions, km up to 15